Stories of Those Well-Known and Those Not So Well-Known

The Underground Railroad in American History was re-issued this month—a new title (The Amazing Underground Railroad) and a new cover! From a review of the first edition:
“The Underground Railroad in American History is a well-researched account of the origins, workings, and little known facts about the organized system that was successful in assisting slaves of African descent in escaping from their owners….The book is organized into seven chapters in an accessible writing style which combines thorough research with great storytelling….Interesting information perhaps not widely known regarding anti-slavery publications and the role religious groups such as the Quakers played, and the role of free African-Americans in facilitating the organized escape effort through financing, written protest, and public speaking is fully described. Daniel Drayton, Wendell Philips, Rev. Josiah Henson, Henry Bibb, Levi Coffin, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, and Rev. W. M. Mitchell are some of the participants who are not as widely known, but are covered in this account. Highly recommended for upper elementary and middle school students. Sawyer produces a fresh look at this topic and a valuable addition to the literature.” (Bay Views December 1997)