Harriet Tubman Gets Reviewed

"Meticulous about what is known and what is not confirmed, the simple prose is eloquent in describing how Tubman started as a passenger on the Underground Railroad and went on to become one of its most famous conductors, with examples of her amazing physical stamina, courage, and cunning. Highly readable."

-Hazel Rochman, Booklist (2010)

"Sawyer follows Tubman from a humble enslaved childhood to her adult life as a free woman and as a guide to lead others to freedom. Along the way, readers gain an appreciation for her brave and extraordinary actions as an abolitionist. In an age when many of her compatriots were treated as chattel, Tubman owned land, rubbed shoulders with the rich and powerful, and openly challenged the institution of slavery. Containing a wealth of photographs and illustrations, this attractive biography provides good general background information, helpful definitions, engaging sidebars, and a visual time line"

- Tracy R. Chenka, School Library Review (2010)

"In a dense literature of biographical accounts, this particular contribution stands out for its rich presentation of photographs, images, and sidebar notes, all combined with clear lessons about the injustice of slavery and racial discrimination"

- Yana V. Rogers, Rutgers University Project for Economics and Children